EDAMAME Regular:  $2.95  Garlic sauteed:  $4.75

SHISHITO PEPPERsauteed Japanese chili pepper.  $6.50

ROCK SHRIMP TEMPURAServed with honey mustard, spicy cream, and white sesame sauce.  $10.50

FRIED CALAMARIserved with spicy mayo.  $10.50

TOKYO FRIED CHICKENJuicy & tender chicken with creamy spicy miso sauce.  $6.25

 SCALLOP DYNAMITEmushroom with mayo & topped wtih shrimp, masago, & avocado.   $8.50

JALAPENO BOMBdeep fried krab mix on half cut jalapeno with cream cheese.  $7.95

A.J. BOMBdeep fried garlic albacore & krab mix on half cut jalapeno with cream cheese.  $8.95

ASARI CLAMsauteed with garlic butter and sake.  $8.25

GRILLED FISH COLLAR served with ponzu sauce. Choice of either Yellowtail or Salmon. (S) $7.95 (M) $9.95 (L) $11.95img_7107

CRISPY GREEN BEANS tempura long green beans.  $5.95

SOFTSHELL CRAB deep fried tender blue crab.  $7.95

SPRING ROLLS mixed vegetables with chicken & shrimp.  $8.25

CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPspicy asian style stir-fried chicken.  $8.25

SWEET & SPICY GARLIC SHRIMPmarinated asian style shrimp.  $7.95

B.B.Q. WHOLE SQUIDgrilled flying ocean squid.  $9.95

 STUFFED TEMPURA MUSHROOMspicy tuna, scallop & shrimp on top. Served with green onions and ponzu sauce.  $9.95

img_6963GYOZA DUMPLINGS fried Japanese dumplings.  $5.95

ASIAN BUFFALO DRUMSTICKDeep-Fried spicy chicken drumstick.  $5.95

AGE DASHI TOFU Deep-Fried Tofu with tempura sauce$4.95

SHUMAI (4pc)steamed dumpling 2pc shrimp and 2pc pork.  $5.25

GREEN MUSSELS (2PC)baked with special mayo.  $3.95mussels.jpg

GREEN MUSSELS SPECIAL (4PC)baked with special mayo, topped with masago(smelt roe).  $7.95