SHO CHIKU BAI NAMA SAKE (Junmai-Draft) Creamy pear and banana flavor with bright and dry finish draft brewed, non-heat pasteurized to retain the fresh zest. 180ml $4.95

KIKUSUI JUNMAI GINJO– Region: Niigata, Japan.- Chrysanthemum Mist. Sweet aroma of rose and Mandarin orange with a  clean and spicy finish. 300ml  $18.00

OZEKI KARA DRY– Refreshing fruity flavor and tastes best when served chilled. This is an excellent choice for first time sake drinkers due to its lower alcohol content and smooth taste.  375ml  $10.95

SHO CHIKU BAI NIGORI SILKY MILD– Unfiltered Sake- Samurai’s Sake. Naturally brewed, unfiltered sake with a sweet milky rice flavor. 375ml  $10.95

SHO CHIKU BAI GINJO (Junmai Ginjo) Well-rounded sake brewed using highly polished select rice to yield a fruity, smooth and mellow flavor. 300ml  $10.95

REI (Junmai Ginjo Draft) Bright floral bouquet with delicate fruity flavor of Ginjo Sake, Rei has archer quality and refreshing young draft-style character. 375ml  $12.95

SHIRAKABEGURA (Special Junmai) Pear and nutmeg on the nose with flavor of hot, tart pear compote and green apple peel. 300ml  $15.oo

ORGANIC RICE SAKE (Junmai Ginjo) OCIA certified, organic draft brew. Orthodox Union (Kosher) certified. Delightfully nutty and earthy flavor. 300ml  $12.95

HOUSE HOT SAKE– small:  $4.50  large:  $7.25