ICE CREAM– green tea, vanilla, strawberry, or mango.  $3.75

TEMPURA ICE CREAM– deep fried ice cream wrapped in pound cake. (Green tea, Vanilla, or Strawberry)  $6.95mochi.jpg

MOCHI ICE CREAM– ice cream wrapped in rice cake. (Green tea, Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate, or Vanilla) mix n match.  $3.75



BANANA TEMPURA– with ice cream.  $7.25 / without ice cream.  $5.25


CUTIE HONEY– layer upon layers of oranges, whip cream, corn flakes, & chocolate fudge, topped off with your choice of ice cream. (Vanilla, Green Tea, or Strawberry)  $ 7.95

CRÈME BRÛLÉE– vanilla, green tea, or strawberry.  $5.95

TIRAMISU– italian espresso cheese cake. $6.25

FISH SHAPED ICE CREAM– traditional Japanese snack that is made up of vanilla ice cream inside a fish-shaped crepe.  $3.25