ALASKAN H/R                                                  $3.95

AVOCADO ROLL  (6PC)                                 $3.05

BAKED WHITE FISH H/R                              $3.35

CALAMARI TEMPURA H/R                           $3.65

CALIFORNIA H/R                                            $3.65

CALIFORNIA ROLL (5PC)                              $3.95

CUCUMBER ROLL (6PC)                                $3.00

DOUBLE DOUBLE (2PC)                                 $4.50

FRESH WATER EEL ROLL (6PC)                  $5.45

GREEN MUSSEL H/R                                       $3.95

IMITATION CRAB ROLL (6PC)                     $3.35

LING LING (2PC)                                              $4.50

SALMON ROLL (6PC)                                      $4.55

SALMON SKIN H/R                                          $3.65

SCALLOP H/R                                                    $4.55

SHRIMP ROLL (6PC)                                        $4.55

SHRIMP SALAD H/R                                        $3.65

SHRIMP TEMPURA H/R                                  $3.65

SPICY ALBACORE H/R                                     $4.25

SPICY SALMON H/R                                         $4.25

SPICY SCALLOP H/R                                        $4.85

SPICY SHRIMP SALAD H/R                           $3.95

SPICY TUNA H/R                                              $5.45

SPICY YELLOWTAIL H/R                               $4.85

TUNA ROLL (6PC)                                            $4.85

VEGETABLE H/R                                               $3.65

WHIPPED SALMON H/R                                 $4.25

YELLOWTAIL ROLL (6PC)                             $4.85


SPICY TUNA ROLL- spicy tuna, cucumber, and sprouts inside, topped with sesame seeds.  $8.95

SPICY SALMON ROLL- spicy salmon, cucumber, and sprouts inside, topped with sesame seeds.  $7.95

SPICY ALBACORE ROLL- spicy albacore, cucumber, and sprouts inside, topped with sesame seeds.  $7.95

SPICY YELLOWTAIL ROLL- spicy yellowtail, cucumber, and sprouts inside, topped with sesame seeds.  $8.50

CALIFORNIA ROLL- krab mix, cucumber, and avocado inside.  $6.50

CALIFORNIA TEMPURA ROLL- served with eel sauce.  $7.50

SHRIMP TEMPURA ROLL- shrimp tempura, avocado, & cucumber inside, topped with sesame seeds.  $7.50


ANGEL- baked real crab with mayo, avocado, and masago.  $7.95

RAINBOW- tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, krab mix.  $6.75

SUPER SCALLOP- spicy tuna, green onion, spicy scallops, masago, and special mayo sauce. Served with special ponzu sauce.  $7.95

SPECIAL ALBACORE- albacore, shrimp salad, masago, shrimp tempura, and avocado. Served with special ponzu sauce.  $7.95

SPIDER- soft shell crab, cucumber, sprouts, avocado, and gobo.  $6.75

HALLOWEEN- tuna, avocado, shrimp salad, and shrimp tempura. Served with eel and spicy sauce.  $7.95

SUPER VEGAS- shrimp tempura, krab mix, eel, avocado, and crunch. Served with eel sauce.  $7.95

PINK LADY- spicy scallops, masago, salmon, and mayo sauce. Served with special spicy sauce.  $7.75

SUPREME ALBACORE- albacore, scallops, mayo sauce, and masago. Topped with red onion, and special creamy sauce.  $7.75

3 COLOR DELIGHT- shrimp tempura, krab mix, eel, shrimp, and avocado. Served with eel sauce.  $7.95

SPICY TUNA CRUNCH- spicy tuna, crunch flakes, shrimp tempura, and krab mix. Served with eel sauce.  $7.95

KEN’S SPECIAL– baked langostino with special mayo, shrimp mix, avocado. Served with spicy and eel sauce.  $8.25

YUMMY– salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, and krab mix.  $7.75

76– salmon, yellowtail, shrimp mix, and avocado. Served with our spicy sauce.  $7.75